Remove Grief killing mothers

I think this was a Feature that was created to resolve a problem. But recently I just bought this game for me and my girlfriend to play. And I found that it was kind of disheartening for her Andy as a veteran Of this type of game not being able to decide when it’s the right time to take care of a baby because being forced to take care of a baby instead of relying on the infrastructure that is require to take care of one is kind of a betrayal to the player. I think that this feature should be removed. And players should be given a decision to allow the baby to live or not. The baby can just spawn into another family that’s farther along in the tech tree and not force the Eve’s To give up 5 minutes, dedicated to keeping that baby alive. Just to have another one pop period my girlfriend is brand new to the game? And I think she spent probably 20, minutes taking care of 4 or 5 babies, and when they found out she was a new player, they just ran off and died, and she died from grief. I felt like this was kinda lame and not a well. Thought out mechanic period it’s more harmful to new players.

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There are existing controls for timing your fertility:

If you are not ready to have a child, use a stone to crush a carrot seed on a flat rock, then eat the crushed seed. You are now infertile.

If you want to reverse infertility, or encourage being given new babies, put a bowl of water on some hot coals and add pine needles. Then drink the resulting tea. You are now “extra” fertile (and should have more female babies, too).

Have fun!!