Is there anyway to fix a broken cart?

It should be able to be fixed, maybe not completely, but say the first time it deteriorates you add wheels, the second time you have to add wheels and boards, the third time will have to replace wheels, boards and handle. Then after that (or before if you don’t want to fix) you can chop it up for kindling and wood shavings.

A repair for baskets would be nice too.
Why not have that one reed pile can repair and old basket. That way it doesn’t just sit there, and the players can recycle the old things rather than just throwing them away.

These types of repairs would be useful for players who come across abandoned towns and want to fix the place. Alot of resources may already be used up, this would be a way to recycle from past generations and work with limited resources at the same time.


i like the idea :slight_smile: its like with the stone walls you can repair. the carts and baskets are often the two things i would like to repair. its so heart breaking to see a cart decay without anything you can do about it.

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