Report player feature

I’m usually cool with anything what people say. It makes me laugh sometimes when ppl curse too but I’m suggesting reporting feature today because I encounter something new few days ago.

This game only relies on voting to ban system. I believe you need 5 players to vote on one player to kick them out.

In one game I encounter this player saying racist things about one race. This other person and I tried to vote to ban, but we were lacking votes. Ppl really didn’t care because it’s wasn’t against them. It was really sad. So, the person continuously showed hatred against one race until he died.

I think it might be a good idea to have reporting feature where staffs can review. :slight_smile:

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There’s a report feature in the chronicle, so if you can get them to say something there, then you should be able to report them.

Even better, you could teach people how to banish others.

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Ohh I didnt know about chronicle.thanks for the tip!