Request for troll ban system enhancement

I usually play in JPserver, but when I saw the Japanese thread in here, I felt that the users’ voices were ignored.
so I try to use translation website and text this.

I have one question.
Is there any possibility of strengthening the banning system or anti-vandalism measures?
Is this game will change the system?
If never change, I will delete this game and never play.I will feel this is wasteful money.
or you think troll is fun?

I want to make sure that TROLL is not the original purpose of the game.
If the management thinks that even TROLL is a part of the game and that it does not reduce profits, I will show them that they are mistaken.
Please don’t make users regret paying money for this game any longer. I have been offended so many times that I want to return this game.
On some servers, the ban system has been abused, and the most common method nowadays is blame game.
The main blame game is against foreign players who only speak English.
This is very discriminatory and unacceptable.


Over the cause of three years, the banishment system has been extended many times. We have put a lot of effort into this work. Every time we add something to the system, we also get numerous complaints from players who feel that the system is being used against them by unfair players. The balance is tricky.

Do you have any specific ideas on how to improve it further?