Request to update game

Requesting handsome and dashing Christoffer to update the game. It has been over a year since the last update. Please update once this year! I really hope to get pumpkins that can be grown on wooden crates. The vines hanging down from the pumpkins must look very beautiful.PLZ!!!!


I heard that an update is actually coming. It’s supposed to change something about how lilies work? Or maybe it’s getting rid of the lilies altogether?

I wish they would update it so that you can run across all stones. Currently if you have painted Stones different colors you don’t get the speed bonus.

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I actually just heard back on a post I made. At least the lilies update is not going to be a thing. I’m not sure if there’s going to be any update after this. They’re currently putting all their focus on the new game, if I’m hearing correctly. It’s called In Next Life. You can’t play it on android, can’t play it on android, though.