Respawn Markers: I want to go home

I just played 4 lives in a row at a town. We built many things. We built a bell tower. Everyone on my server was there.
Then I respawned as a baby for my 5th life, and my mom accidently let me starve. No one will bury my baby bones.
Since then I’ve been spawning alone in the wilderness over and over. Everyone is at my town. There are young women there. Why isn’t there a way to respawn for sure at your rebirth marker without being buried? How many times do I have to die?

Sorry this is a bit confusing, so this was on private server or public server?

Public server

If you have a flower marker you can live 10 minutes as an even then have a friend become your baby and bury you with a stone hoe

You need to die old. And it usually can’t work if there’s fertile woman in the server