Respawning in the tutorial area


I have been spawning in the tutorial area (always at the end of it) quite often as an eve lately.

I will often start a colony as an eve on a server and then if I manage to die of old age the next time I come back I can spawn there again. It will be set up with a forge and farm and ready for my babies!

But spawning back in the tutorial area breaks the chain.

This perk of going back to your civilisation is awesome - expecially when you are on a server with few people that could continue your legacy.

I’m in sg1, iPhone iOS 10


I spawned also in the tutorial area. At first i thought i quit. But i found some clothes and made a forge. After a while i had made an axe and a shovel. I was finally free! But what now? I went east. There was a large grass biom and a huge dessert. After that i found finally a place to settle down. Far away from the tutorial. Here a picture of this greate adventure :joy::


It’s not often that bad to spawn there gives you time to practise more advanced stuff that especially on the dead servers you don’t always get to see so can be useful to go back there from time to time to practise things you’ve learned

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i respawned in the tutorial area. how can i say that… it happend again… the tutorial has now officially a sheep pen :grin:


My first toutorial spawn <3

i thought it was going to be really cool. I even had a daughter but the brat cursed me then laughed and ran away. Only to starve at the tree. Stupid brat

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Kind of sounds like griefing. Griefing what they thought was a noob Eve, perhaps? Based on your other recent post, you get no sympathy from me.


whoops tutorial all over again :blush:

some people where at my little town :hugs:

they even planted some wheat, thanks!

i had a lovely daughter, she was a very good smith

we now have some goose

and i started to build a bell tower

let’s make a game out of it. maybe you will be the next person to find my town and place the next stone to the bell tower :hugs:



I’d like to know why this happens. I have seen this question asked here a few times but I haven’t seen any explanation.


Happens to me 4 times as an eve, set a big town them bam tutorial ended the town😪


The exact reason is unknown. We are using the same spawning code which is used on PC and created by Jason Rohrer. This is done to make sure that the game plays the same as on PC.
Recently Jason found some bugs in his Eve respawn code, and it’s possible that they are responsible for this too:


I saw this the other day after doing some digging. I thought about it a lot and have come up with my own theory as to why this happens. I don’t think it’s a glitch but suppose I could be wrong.

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Perhaps the devs are conspiring :thinking: