Restoring purchases

Hello I would like to take attention to the restoring purchase, I bought the 2.99 pass because I thought it would help me in game but was sadly mistaken. The next day I found the restore purchase button and hit it and waited and nothing happened. So I waited till the next day and still never got my money back. So I pretty muck ripped off 2.99 for something that had no point in buying, not talking bad about the game it is simply put that there might be a bug with the restoring purchase button

“Restore Purchases” is used to get a purchase you have made on one device, to appear on a second device (without having to pay again). It is not supposed to return money (that would be impossible to have as an app functionality, since it’s the resellers who control purchases and refunds in their platforms).
Hope this helps!

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Hmm, well I’d like to say I purchased the add on, and although I don’t use it on a daily basis I appreciate having it. If you are not an avid player I could understand thinking the addition is useless. Overall I think making sure you understand what you’re buying before making a purchase is import. I knew exactly what the feature did because I read up on it amd watched a video before buying it.

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Maybe if it was cheaper?

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I WAS an avid player, why would i have bought it if i wasnt? The feature is not useless per say…it has his small function in the game and it would be a welcome addition to the game if it would be free, i just think spending has much as i payed for the game just to add that small function to it, especially when i couldnt find a description of what i was buying anywhere, i really felt it was a rip off from the developers and im sure im not the only one!

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You can’t have been looking all that hard then, just look below. We were making it pretty clear in those posts, I’m thinking?
It’s true that in comparison with what you get for $5 (USD) when you buy this game, $3 for Family Ties is not as cheap. We still think that $8 total for the game and Family Ties together, is really good value for money.

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Wait the observer mode wasnt already a feature Included in that Family ties thing? O.o
(I wasnt here during the events so i dont know what did u tested sry)

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the question (if so, let me know)

The Family Ties IAP unlocks two feature sets:

  1. Observer Mode, which lets you watch your living family members even after you have died.
  2. Family Chronicle, which lets you communicate with the other dead family members after your death.
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Oh ok now i saw the date of those posts anouncing the observer mode feature, i first thought it was a recent post and made that last confused question…and i get it now that you posted it to show me that i didnt searched hard enough for the info i wanted before buying those features, but the thing is has i mentioned before in another post i only got this forum page somehow “fixed” in my phone window after i bought the family chronicles update, so i even thought it was part of my purchase, yes im noob like that…so before buying it i didnt even knew thid forum existed