Revamp ropes and pine walls

Make it so ropes can be cut in half with a flint chip or knife. This will make rope halves. You can then take a rope halves and use them on a straight branch to make a double tied branch. Then add two straight branches to it and another double tied branch to get the pine wall frame and add a string and pine needles to make a pine wall panel. This would make it use half the ropes and make it so greifers cant turn all of the milkweed to ropes when you need a string in a early camp.

Use the flint chip on a rope half to get back the string.
Also use the flint chip on the panel pieces to get back the rope halves.
(Realistically rope is very easy to unravel and retie as long as you know how. Although i dont know how plant fiber ropes would react since they would be more dried out by then.)


Thats good idea​:heart::heart:

I hope the pine tree walls can be separated without breaking down like a wooden door.

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Would you have to use some sort of separation tool @Yang-E?

Well …we can separat it from Post using flint chip

Wouldn’t it make more sense to use something bigger and sharper?

do you have a suggestion wumbo?

Yeah, I think a sharp stone would more more suitable than a flint chip. After all, it is called a sharp stone for a reason. :wink: