Rewpawn, if only female on server

I’m the only female on the server but it isn’t taking me to my home town

hey @Vadalia did you live to 60 to get the respawn?

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We have to live until 60 AND be the only female? Damn why is he making it so hard to go home


The live to 60 is only for when theres no fertile women in the server. It acts the same as being burried, but only if theres no fertile women in the server.
In my opinion living to 60 is easier then convincing players to bury you.
But yah its anoying on low pop servers cus by the time you live to 60 someone else will probably become an eve. Then you pretty much lose the chance to respawn since you get born to them and they aint gona have shovels unless they spawned at their own town.


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