Rielle, if you see this, I visited your village!

I was in my own village minding my own business and smelting iron tools when I suddenly heard a bell. So out of curiosity, I grabbed my horse, packed a pie for food and set off in the direction! I didn’t know what I’d find or if it would be good but it was a long journey. Finally, I arrived and what I found was quite pleasant! You’ve got a pretty cool town Rielle if you see this :slight_smile:

I explored for a bit before parking my horse to look around. I really like the architecture and can tell whoever built this town put a lot of hard work into it. I didn’t touch anything if you’re wondering but I did eat some food to stay alive lol. Also found the radio and tried speaking into it several times haha. I also watered as many peace lilies as I could and saw your bones which I buried. I died next to the marked grave btw so if you see my remains, I ask that you please bury them. Ty!

Here’s the pics of my adventures:

Followed your bell!

Watering the peace lilies

Parked my horse lol


Omggg thank youu :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: I did burry ur bones whew! i thought someone was messing with me!! i was so upset but I’m glad to see that i had nothing to worry ab! I’d love to visit ur town sometime!


Yay ty! I’d love that! Maybe we can arrange it? :smiley:


yess! Do u have discord?

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Yep! I can pm you :slight_smile: