Road building society

So hows the old road building Union doing now a days? Dont look like yall have made any recent posts so i dont know if yall are still at it but id like to say thanks to the architects of the eng no kids servers

@Heidi_van_Bergen @Shnappers and the rest of yall that i dont remember whos names.

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yeah that was quite fun to connect the 4 spawn points. actually we should built some cars and race around the spawns. :grin:

so en-nokids had a problem of low iron resources because of the permanent spawns. i guess that is solved now with the new cave mines.

i hope @Shnappers will come back somewhen. he got griefed hard :pensive:. en-nokids is a bit hard with griefers if you are too close to the spawns.

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Yah back in the day i was trying to use peace lilly home marker eve spawning to get further away from spawn but had to hope i get burried and by the time i was about 20 or so lifetimes away from spawn i stoped playing.

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