Roads dont have any ‚auto play‘ anymore. why is this not a thing anymore @Christoffer? it was so easy to get around when you dont have to click 20 times in a second. can you put this back in please?

You can use auto run if you tap and hold the road when you are standing on it. Now you can use flat stones to build in door floors. It’s pretty nice actually.


My finger hurts after holding for so long.

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  1. Stand on road
  2. Tap&hold
  3. Release

That’s how you start autorun now.
Less risk of triggering when you don’t want it.

i dont like it at all :wink: just dont build roads when you dont want to go fast. i dont get why it is changed.

i hope you are still playing in the mobile version but not just reply by what you “think” what is going to be happen, because you don’t need to hold throughout the road, you just hold and release and your character will run automatically.


Its for when you want to use roads in houses and work areas etc. Its not so bad once you get used to it.
The trick is to tap on the tile and swipe like your going the direction of the road. Its just as easy as tapping twice just takes some time to break the habbit.


You don’t have to hold down all the way, once the run is activated you can let go and enjoy :smiley:


I was going by memory, sorry!

and the game in the past never need you to hold, it’s auto run.

so please make sure you know what we are talking about before you reply it. and if you didn’t play on mobile, I don’t really see a point of you replying to every post.


Try the new update! It’s easier to start an eve camp now. Then you can share your thoughts about the update.


Actually, I Like it this way. Baby often accidentally running on road when they want to get fed.

one click more than before, but okay. not my favorite update of usabilty so far but for new players its maybe better this way. sorry for complaining - cheers!