Roads, buildings and such reseting

So, I’m pretty new to the game, so I’m don’t have a solid understanding of the game mechanics, from what I know tiles reset if no one has been in that area for a while.

I think it would be nice if certain objects - like stone walls and floors, roads, deep wells (though maybe the wood parts of the well could decay - perhaps turning into a “rotted deep well”), bell towers (the rope could decay though, and turn into a “broken bell tower with dented bell” and then you would have to heat up the bell in a forge and hit it with a smithing hammer and tie the bell back up to fix it again) and those things you put peace lilies in don’t reset. ( I’m pretty sure they do right now so if I’m wrong, tell me )

This would allow for big projects - for example, bigger cities and the world-wide-road-web the RBU was proposing - to stay permanently. this would motivate more people to build these kinds of things, add more to the sense of realism, impact and history in the game and allow eves to have a higher chance of finding ruins.

please, tell me your opinions on this, and if there is anything else that could stay too!

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  • Lillian (LiliN)

I’m pretty sure that they sometimes have no choice but to wipe the server.

The town will be reset after 7 days(or a month, i forgot the exact time), if no one is passing by. If it remain in the server for eternity, i think the server will be broke and slower respond. Keeping a town for eternity is also not a good idea since every town is progressively moving further away because the eve spiral.

What is eve spiral?

As an eve, there’s a chance we meet abandoned village so you don’t have to start from a scratch. All you have to do is foraging in a direction where there’s a sign someone passing by. But sometimes it took years to found abandoned village, as long as you think that everything is worth it you will found one eventually.

Tips for finding village

4 days.

I thought it was five days

I’m pretty sure that it’s four.

i thought it was 7 days. 7 days in real life are 10’080 years in game. its fine when stuff decays after so much time.

that…puts it into perspective. yeah ok.

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