Rose & honey

I honestly like rose in this game, but the only useful thing of rose in this game is to make fishing pool. The flowers didn’t do much since it can only be use on buried grave, I don’t even know if it can wither and often becomes annoying trash in the village.

I want it to be more useful.
Maybe if we plant roses a bee will come after a few hours. Then we can catch a queen bee and make a nest from the wood. Later we can harvest honey from it and use honey in our cooking, like for our bread or for our burned rabbit and goose to make it more tasteful.

As for the rose flower, we can craft it into decorating for wall or door hanging.


Wow that’s honestly an amazing idea, but I also think that if you leave honey within 100 or 75 blocks range of a bear cave their id a 20% chance of the bear coming out of the cave every 5 to 10 minutes

There should also be venus flytraps that kill your character whenever they get close. They’d spawn in the green biome and the yellow biome.

And this might be a bit much but if you touch the bees they will sting you and like an if your shot with an arrow you have to remove the stinger first but you will hardly ever die from bee sting, because all you would have to do is put aloe Vera on it, which would be a new plant in this uncanon update and to get the the gel you would have to use a flint chip or a sharp stone to open the aloe vera and you can carry it whoever you like but it can only be stored in storage containers(stored with or without bowls)bowls, and buckets