Roses and more roses

I’ve had it with these roses lmao, it’s like animal crossing all over again☺️ I got a red rose because I fell asleep the next day and yeah, but I’m trying so hard for a white rose and nothing. I played 3 times back to back and got a pink, does it have to be exactly 2 hours?


Ok so here’s the tricky part! It can be really confusing (believe me it took me sooooo long to understand this)

U need to grab a seed (make sure is from a wild rose hip to avoid confusion) and leave it on the floor for 2+ hours (like 2 hours, 5 minutes. Don’t leave it for too long or it will become pink) then grab it and put it directly on the cold bowl (if u place it on the floor for even a sec it will become pink😭) then just wait a couple of minutes and the seed should be ready to plant! Make sure to also plant it as soon as you grab it, the seed can’t touch the floor!

Hope this works!! Same procedure is to create red roses but instead of 2 hours you just need to wait one! Good luck :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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yeah but i’m bad at math LMAOO if i play two lives back to back i don’t think its a full two hours…because we start as eves at 14/15 but thank you so much for telling me this, because ive been immediately putting the rose seed in the bowl

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