RP family

So I’m going to have role play on server europe so please join be for u join their are roles so nobody won’t be mad k so read them and my name will be talon family name will be RP if I give birth to you just say rp so I know you are her for rp. Tomorrow I will do the same thing at 5:00 or 5:30

• The only one who is allowed to kill people who are not fallowing the roles is the queen oh yeah if you some how become queen don’t just kill people for no reason
• The queen is allowed to sacrifice a boy who is young to the power full Eva god it has to be A YOUNG BOY only one for its gen. nobody but the queen can do this if u do it and u are not the queen u will be killed No abusing this.
• So I will be queen my first daughter will be queen when I die and her first daughter will be queen you know what I mean.
• If you are a boy and you didn’t get sacrificed you will be slave because the only thing boys do is work they aren’t worth anything but if they become slaves the are doing something useful.
• If you are very loyal to the queen boy or girl you can become her guard so you have to protect her from danger.

What’s the point though?

I would join if it wasn’t in eu server. My internet lag there