Thank you so to everyone for helping family Salaburton. Amazing community on this game, hope to see you all again.


Salaburton is the village with the heart right? :heart:

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Salaburton town does not have a sign up yet, but we have one in the desert and one in the forest next to swamp. How do I put a sign up?

I played in the desert town yesterday. Always nice to spawn into the Salaburton town and seeing how much it has grown <3. I remember I was collecting sticks long long ago during the early days, and how far it has come now!

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Thanks so much, its awesome that we get to see the results of our family’s work. Im like two months in to playing and I haven’t played anything else. : )


Yes, the one right in the middle. Ive almost finished the wall around the heart. Its also has a frog face shaped blacksmith’s station. Making a lot of pies.

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Yay! I made the frog face lol :frog:

Some troll came through Salaburton town and stole the horses and stole all the tools and then posted about it in the family chat this past weekend. So we are going to need more Iron soon.

I am glad you are having so much fun!

Signs with words are a bit complicated, but here are the basics (sorry if you already know this!)

FOR THE SIGN: Tie a rope to a long shaft and place it where you want the sign. Then take some boards and swipe on the shaft…that becomes a small sign, which holds about, hmmm, 14 or so items I think. If you want a bigger sign, put two stacks of boards together first, then add it to the shaft.

I primarily use small signs to store carrot and milkweed seeds. (Note that you can dismantle a sign and then it becomes portable…can be placed anywhere!). But you can also add letters created from saplings! The entire alphabet, plus things like hearts, can be created from different combinations of trimmed or soaked saplings. There is a great key around here someplace…I will try to find it to link it. Or you can do what I did and struggle through a LOT of trial-and-error using the in-game Book.

Good luck!!

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