Savanna Biome


I thought the Savanna is a missing biome i would like to see. So here is a list of things you could find there:


Cheetah → breed cats
Gazelle → fur and meat

I exclude from the list lions, pumas, elephants, giraffes, ants, rhinoceros, african wild dog, zebras and wildebeest because i couldn’t find a good use for them or similar animals are already in game.


Jackalberry → Fruits can be eaten. Leaves stop bleeding. Logs are used for floors and trunks for Canoes.

Baobab → Are used as water source. The leaves can be used as vegetables in soup. The fruits can be eaten or made in to smoothies. The fibers of the tree are used for hats, rope, baskets and paper. The tree can’t be choped easy with axes.

Miombo → It’s a very dry tree and highly flammable → used for wood, kindling and logs.


Mopane → caterpillars → silk
Coffea → coffee beans → coffee
Elephant grass → fodder crops

Mineral Resources

Diamonds → jewellery on crowns
Gold vein → gold
Termite mound → clay

Maybe also iron, phosphat, kaolin and oil.

What do you think about savanna?


Very good idea! I would love to see cats in game, and much new food and clothes. It would be nice if You Are Hope had their own biome!