Schedule adjustment

So, last weekend’s intended release is still not back from review. In the meanwhile, we have finished some more content around storage (which according to this poll is what most of you would like to see next).

Rather than trying to push out two releases in the same week, we have decided to take the new storage content and add it to the Rice content and release together this week, then we will follow up with the Private Server update next week.

And btw, the storage content is essentially about being able to store a bunch of different things (Carrots, Bananas, Corn, etc) in Crocks.

So in summary: More content this week, and the private servers next week instead.

(If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s also worth a look:


No way! I’m very eager to play in private server. Of course, I know what the decision makes server maintenance easier. I just want you to know there’er players who wait eagerly for private server since disclosure of the information, like me. I hope this will be the last adjustment.

I’m glad to hear it. We’ll try to make the release in the first half of next week rather than by the end, how’s that?

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What a wonderful developer you are!! I appreciate your suggestion. I can’t wait it. Thank you.

Sweet stuff!