Schloss Evenstein - Grand Public Opening was a huge sucess

So out of spite i started this solo place sole months ago. bc i just got so frustrated about how messy everything got in minutes with other players… i was once born into my old place which was then called “Green City” or something like that and as expected - even though honestly i didnt even expect it to still be around - it even got messier…

So yea… played and built on the new place “Schloss Evenstein” (aka Evenstein Castle) for some months now… huge pens lol, clean farm, space for everything everywhere… yea, and the four room castle :smiley:

Well. Some weeks ago i took on a new job/apprenticeship and rly almost dont have any time left to play and since its been like 3,5 weeks now i started to worry to have already lost the place… so i came back online and for the first time didn’t run close to the sighn with the carrot seeds to get on birth control haha. Even rang my two bell towers and fixed the walls and soon a nice girl who had been running her whole life and even lost her mother on the way came and established the pocket family as first guests in my town

Played somewhat like 3 rounds now and im so glsd that everyones nice, no griefers (yet), ppl r just working, we even have dogs now! (Thanks Bobert! :heart:)

I think all i want to say is TYSM so much to all the ppl who made this step so nice for me… i guess i wont be there so often now, but if its like that i kinda feel obliged (and motivated :P) to make the time to get online every now and then so the place wont despawn. And yea, hope to meet some of yall again there sometime. Thx for all the hard work and stuff :heart:

But its still so weird to suddenly see so many ppl in my former ghost town lol


I feel you…I mostly play solo via carrot seed as well, since chaos seems to always be the story with any large family. I am so happy your home is being respected and even loved by new players!!


Well, when I came back after posting i was born as a bb to the fam there and the first thing i heard was “Who let the sheep out?” -.- :smiley: but yeah, most ppl were very nice and helped and the sheep were caught in a second… its still kinda scary to let ppl in bc its guaranteed that itll turn differently from what i imagined and the chaos is creeping in slowly… but since i dont have the time to take care of it i guess its fine…

Spectator mode is very interesting, watching how ppl explore all my little corners of whatever and what theyll do with it :slight_smile:


that’s sound so nice and you got a lot of visitors that day. hope to visit soon

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What server is this on? I’m looking to start a new town in us-1 server. Maybe we can connect towns and establish trades.

I also built a beginners town in the us-beginners server.

But yaa I can totally understand the griefers and chaos of randos. But I’ve been playing solo for the most part of the game and was hoping to start a community or something so we can have some serious fun.

It’s on US-Beginner 2… damn id be so down to start something serious on US1… but i rly dont have that time anymore :confused: hope to meet yall someday, too. Or maybe we already have without realizing :smiley:

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