Schnauzer won't eat egg halves?

So to get a loyal Schnauzer I’m supposed to feed an egg halves, right? Just to be clear, I boil an egg in a bowl of water over hot coals, grab it with a small plate, then cut it in half with Flint or knife. Right? Because this heifer won’t eat it :laughing: should I try an omelette? This is my first time trying to get a loyal dog. I just been feeding wolves mutton, I’ve never had a dog before.


I’m not allowed to delete this post. I didn’t realize that you have to feed them their food when they are puppies. I fed them carnitas first and then tried to feed the eggs, that’s why it didn’t work.


When it’s a puppy, you have to feed it cut goose eggs. And then you can name it in the bottom right corner. When it’s big enough to feed a banana or anything else, it’s ready to work! I guess that’s what you’re asking. I can’t read English very well.:blush:


ah yes, the food you give them decides:

if they grow up and have puppies on their own


if they become loyal to you and follow you around