Screenshot Competition instead of event this weekend

We would like to see your best screenshots now that the backgrounds have changed the overall look of the game, so this weekend will be a screenshot event rather than a different play mode.

For the next update, we will pick some of the best and display them in the game’s AppStore/GooglePlay page. If we pick your image, in addition to the glory we will also reward you with a redeem code, so you can share the game with a friend. (We would have offered gift cards, but they are individual per country and we have no way of obtaining them in each country :blush:)

We want the images to show several aspects of the game and we are looking for several screen resolutions too (iPhone, iPhoneX, iPad, Android phones, Android Tablets, …).

One rule: If people are saying things on your image, it must not be offensive.
Second rule: Maximum 5 images from the same person. Please pick your best ones.

You can share your images here on the forum, or tweet them to #ScreenshotEvent. Only do it if you agree that we can freely use them in marketing though.

Have fun!





ゲームの色々な様子が見られるスクリーンショットを、色々な端末の解像度で募集しています。(iPhone、 iPhoneX、iPad、Android携帯、Androidタブレット等)


このフォーラムに投稿していただいても構いませんし、ツイートの場合は #ScreenshotEvent を付けてご投稿ください。ご投稿いただいたスクリーンショットは営利目的に使用して良いというご了承の上、ご参加ください。



I and my battery

Please tell me the posting period of the screenshot

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Starting now and ending on Monday, April 8th, Central European Time Zone.


Thank you very much

Considering I’m one of the only people here with a 3rd generation iPad Pro, I’ll make sure to take pictures for other iPad Pro users.

Wow that sound like fun! I am going to try to get some pictures…

I have an i ipad to, but its and Ipad Air 1

Go into Settings, General, and then About.

You should see something like this.

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I see we will need one more rule :wink:
Let’s decide that the maximum number of contributions from one person is 5. So only share the 5 best images you have.

Nice screenshots! You realy see the action in a city. I like that i was there on a lot of your screenshots! (Screenshot 4, girl talking to bb, with bb saying: :heart:, screenshot 7, girl saying: so meny members!, screenshot 9, girl saying: DEFEND!, screenshot 10, me saying: this is turning to a movie! Screenshot 11: girl saying Rip, screenshot 12, girls saying: oh lol, next to 2 of my grandkids, then some funny pictures of you talking and lastly: screenshot 16, with me with one sock walking around. Like how you tell a life story!

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Made this whole building from scratch.


Except for the bear skins.

i make those letters for the sign for Panda :blush:


Finally, after thinking long i got my pictures. Hope i got some good ones!

Picture 4 is my best one i think.

Thats 6, just to say before you are not nominated.