Screenshot Dump

I couldn’t find a thread like this already, so I created it.
I have found that I am taking a bunch of screenshots and don’t really have an appropriate place to put them. I will post pics to this thread periodically. I welcome others to do the same.

I got bored as an eve on an empty server. So I made this. If you find it please post a pic.


Love the last one!!!

Upgraded the milkweed farm in the village on the jp server. Here is the pictures from that project and a little sightseeing of the town. This project took about 2.5 lives to complete.

End of first life.

While working, who else does stuff like this zoomed in?

Project Complete. Time for some sightseeing.

Large and full sheep pen.

Impressive warehouse.

Yay! The first known bell tower on mobile!

How a berry farm should look.

Look at all these rabbits! All bids welcome.

Our first aid kit. We will save you.

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I particularly like how you lay out your farms in smaller lots with space around, rather than building a huge field which is hard to maintain.

Awesome job!

Here are some Screenshots from my gameplay for marketing purposes:


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here’s a few screenshots that I would like to be used to help market the game :slight_smile:

I like the plants one

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yesh, that one took me forever (also i made stew afterwards)

some more screenshots (also I miss u mom u great)

I was the mom in the the screenshot taken with the mom and the three babies

I found the random darker baby in the wild and brought him home, then named him adopted :wink:

That was my baby you adopted, I was trying to see where he went lol anyway I tried to name him but I saw his name was adopted

yeah sadly i lagged out and died not too long after that

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Lived a couple lives on US-1 and took a bunch of good pictures.


Thats belltower town :slight_smile:

Someone rang the bell for me earlier today, and I found my way there. Nice town!
Does anyone know who put the bear skin on the floor there? As I understand, there is a problem with interacting with floors, so it’s interesting to see that someone succeeded.

Yes it is, I love this village.

That would have been me. I had been ringing it all night after my mom died of old age and wanted it rang when she respawned. I too am curious about the bearskin rug. I know it was brought to the attention of the admin. Since this server is usually the first test of new code. I am going to assume it has been fixed on US-1. If someone who knows more than me please verify this assumption. I would appreciate it.

I also experienced my first medical care here. The doctor worked so fast I could only get one screenshot and that was after she finished.

Oh hi you were my son that i told you to ring the bell in 10 minutes right before i died. I even brought an eve with me to the village since she started a village. Can you guys help me connect near by villages to bell tower village. I already did a road to the south village. I kniw there is one west of the careot farm which ill tey to do today if the village is doing well

Sorry about my spelling juat woke up. I was pulling an all dayer minus 3h of sleep and 1 hour to eat

Iam going to work on the south village make it great too