Seal skins not working?

Thought I would go seal clubbing (as a seal fur coat the easiest and warmest thing you can make) and had trouble after picking it up.

It was transferred to one hand and I couldn’t do anything with it. It didn’t look like I was wearing it and I could pick up other items like normal and continue to play but I couldn’t drop the seal skin or take off any item I was wearing.

Eventually I made a rabbit fur coat and when I put it on I dropped the seal skin and the game went back to normal.

Seemed really odd. Was playing on sg server from Australia. iPhone 6. Updated game.

I noticed this issue too. If I remember correctly I saw this in desktop version as well. I currently think this is because the original data was corrupted. I might be wrong though.

Jason has fixed this issue in a later data version. It will be fine once we integrate that.