Searching for a new home

I was young and dreaming of a larger home a had 4 to 5 kids and I brong them all with me and they had kids and they came with us. We ended up starting are own village and we lived in one big happy family.


The end?

Usually if I’m eve and not planning to play solo. I will just find good place and make base and told them this is home. Then they do the rest making home while I’m foraging to found abandoned village. If i have baby, i will just carry them around while I’m foraging. After they turn 3, i will back home and told them this is home.

If after my 3rd or 4th child born and i don’t find any village, i will just stick to what I have and help them build home. But if i found new village, i will go home and told my kids “we’re moving.”.

Sometimes one of my kids found village instead of me. Either by accident or they really intentionally to found it.

Basically, you don’t have to put your whole life finding abandoned village because most of the time we’re not that lucky.