Server Hot Fix for 2.8.0 / 2.8.0サーバー応急処置

We are rolling out some improvements to balance the issues with Mother’s Grief and Suicide Marathon.
There is also a fix to a bug with Banishment, .

  1. A player who dies as a baby can not cause Grief damage more than once until a certain time has passed.
  2. Grief damage will be significantly reduced if the mother has other living children.
  3. Mothers who are above 40 years can still breastfeed as long as the child is younger than 3.
  4. Babies can’t jump out of their mother’s arms until 3 years old.
  5. Baby run speed has been reduced by 20% compared to what it used to be.
  6. The Play Button Cool-down has been increased a bit: 0.5, 3, 6 and 10 minutes now.
  7. The bug which allowed Banished players to find the normal play area has been fixed.

Thanks for helping us find the issues and for your ideas about how to improve the game!



  1. ある一定の時間が経つまでは、赤子プレイヤーの死によっての悲しみのダメージを連続して受けることはありません。
  2. 他に生存する子どものいる母親キャラクターは、悲しみのダメージが大きく減ります。
  3. 3歳以下の子どもがいる場合、母親キャラクターは40歳を越えても母乳を与えることができます。
  4. 3歳になるまで、赤子はお母さんの腕の中から離れることはできません。
  5. 赤子の走るスピードが以前と比べ20%減速しました。
  6. スタートボタンクールダウンが少し増加しました:0.5、3、6、10分と増えます。
  7. 追放されたプレイヤーが通常の村に行けてしまうバグを修正しました。



I really thank you…!

Can I have a refund?

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Christopher, I want to say say “you are hope” is really a very good game, but under your planning, the game is no longer fun, and I’d like a refund

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need to update, but it’s better than before

After the update the game isn’t worth ANY money and should be free and everyone should be given their money back. And how I will deal with this update is I will afk on my mom or whoever is “caring” for me and waste my mom’s time or waste the time of whoever is caring for me. I’ll just let myself die however and whenever when I’m a boy. And as a girl, since girls can be fed to make babies, I will suicide at age 3. And if I think the person deserves it, I will afk and let them waste their food on me for babies till I turn 12 and come back to suicide, or maybe I should just do it when I run to suicide but my mom doesn’t let me. I can do this while watching tv, so it’s not wasting my time, only theirs. XD >=]

Christoffer already offered you a refund :slight_smile:. But it shouldn’t be free just because someone doesn’t like it. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, even if it doesn’t taste good.


I didn’t say it should be free cause I don’t like it. It should be free because it makes walls decay and disappear making the homes of Solo Players unprotected and anyone can come in, especially greifers. And with the timer for suiciding, that’s stuff you put on a freemium game, not a game you PAID for. With the updates Christopher is trying to force people to play together and play how HE wants us to play and if you don’t play the way HE wants you to you are punished, even though the game was PAID for. And he’s trying to push people to rent Private Servers even though everyone who downloaded the game already paid for the game. When you PAY for a game, you should NEVER be forced to play with people, let alone people you don’t like, let alone greifers, you should NEVER be forced to play how the creator wants you to play, you should NEVER pay consequences for not playing how the creator wants you to play, you should NEVER have to wait to play like it’s a freemium game, and you should NEVER be pushed into renting something in the game. And I highly doubt he will make it free by the way, I was just making a statement that given the update, it’s not worth ANY money and should be free, and when I created this and even before I created this, I knew that that won’t happen. And there isn’t even cake, he gave us cake when he made the the game and took the cake away when he made the update. How many times do I have to repeat myself over, and over, and over until you finally open your eyes and get it and understand? Or will you defend Christopher no matter what and will say whatever to defend him?