Server reset AGAIN?!?

I’ve played for years and I can’t tell you how many wonderful towns I’ve built just to have the server be reset and everything wiped clean. I haven’t played for a couple weeks and I just logged on to find my whole town was reset. Random iron tools lying around but all my walls, floors and everything else I had built was gone. I’ve stopped recommending this game to people because it has disappointed me so many times.

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Wait what ???

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Which server?

the map resets inbetween 7 and 30 days, if nobody is visiting this part of the map. i guess thats only for public servers not for private servers.

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I especially recommend to visit your town within that 7 days, when an Update is coming up.

I experienced that a town may reset, through an update even its a server where you could normally leave and not visit the town for 2 or more weeks, without anything get lost/reset.

idk if this count for every puplic server, but better be save before an update.
(there will be an update in the near future!don’t know the date tho)

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There will be another update this week, so go visit your loved places now if you haven’t done it the last week.