Server schedule

Here are the list of servers time on the highest amount of players and the lowest amount of players base on my experience. If you notice more of the other server, feel free to add it in the comment and I will edit this post.

The time I use is GMT +0, so you have to add base on your own global position. Also, this schedule may incorrect at WEEKEND.

Us beginner server
Always crowded = more than 30 players everyday

US-1 server
At 7 AM to 10 AM = 6 to 13 players (lowest)
At 10 AM to 4 PM= 12 to 20 players (average)
At 4 AM to 7 AM = 20 to 30 players (highest)

Singapore server
At 4 PM to 1 AM = 6 to 20 players (average)
At 7 PM to 9 PM = 5 to 12 players (lowest)
At 2 AM to 3 PM= 20 to 30 players (highest)

Eu server
Almost not crowded every time = 3 to 17 players

P. S
I mostly play in Singapore and US-1so both of the server schedule is 75% accurate.
P. S. S
I only look at Japanese server once and it was at its crowded state. That was around 7 AM
P. S.S
I didn’t play in UE server because it’s too lag for me. But I noticed that this server is always have the lowest player in my server list.
P. S. S. S
If you found this schedule is incorrect, please feel free to tell me.
P. S. S. S. S
There’s might be some time error because I use my local time (GMT+8) and convert it to GMT+0. I’m not good at math. lol

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Tell me your time now haha.

March 17, 2019 12:40 PM

Now is March 17, 2019 1:06 PM

I really wonder what time usually everyone is active in this forum. As far as I know , it is like 3am like that in the Japanese time .

9:17 am for me

March 17, 2019

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