Servers for advanced players

Hi there, It makes me so sad to witness so much griefing! Please make a server for people who have played at least 30 hours. 10 hours just isn’t enough… This way no griefer would ever get there. Only people who love the game and play it the way intended would make it that far. please consider it. : ) thanks


I agree with this one people would grief my town by bringing bears on my people that’s why i made a hospital incase there will be another bear attack - Fritz

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People are hardly using the 10h servers today, because they would rather play on servers with more players. What makes you thing that they would use a 30h server?

We could change the 10h requirement on the current servers to 30h instead, but I am not sure that many players would appreciate that.

Feedback is welcome. Is this something you players really want?




Hi Christoffer, thank you for the quick reply. It is true though that not many players use the 10 hour server I was just hoping to find a solution to the griefing…
So I would like to ask other players to use the advanced servers. If more players use it more players will join.
And hopefully not many griefers would be among!
But also I think it would be a good idea to change the 10 hours to 30 hours… it is easily achieved to play 30 hours if you play the game regularly.
Or am I being too extreme? :sweat_smile: