Servers will become language based and open to everyone / サーバーが言語ベースになり、全ての人に解放されます

I’d like to announce a change in how we make public servers visible to players. For historical reasons (conflict between players of different languages), we have split servers along language barriers as well as geographical ones. We think the time might be right to change this though.

This is how it currently works:
Your main language determines which servers you see in the Server list:

  • Japanese language means that you only see the servers in Japan
  • Korean means that you only see the two servers we dedicated for Korea
  • Other languages (including English) means that you see the servers in Europe, America and Singapore
  • Event servers are an exception. They can be seen by all players.

This is how we intend to change it:

  • Everyone sees all available servers, and are eligible to play on all of them without switching app language.
  • Servers have a language setting. When you play on a server, your in-game language will change to that server’s language. So if you play on an English server, object names and people’s names will follow English standard. If you play on a Japanese one, object names will be in Japanese, people’s family names will come before their given names, etc.
  • The language setting can also be “Multiple”. This means that there is no common language on that server - everyone will see the game in their own language, i.e. the same language as in your main screen when you start the app. The Event servers will use this setting.
  • There will be English, Japanese, Korean and Multiple Language servers to start. If there are enough players who wish a server in their language, we will do what we can to accommodate the request, within reason. For example, there may be enough Chinese or Spanish speaking players to support their own server. Remember that every server has to be placed in one single spot on Earth though. If you live in Europe and wish to play on Japanese servers, you will experience more latency than the players in Japan do, and vice versa.

Note that the game version which is distributed in mainland China is a different app than the international one. The China app connects only to servers within China (and the international version does not connect to these servers). The main reason for this is the “Great Firewall” which would make it problematic to play across the Chinese border. Another reason is that we (Dual Decade) don’t control the distribution channels in mainland China. It is not within our power to update the China version with the same frequency as we do the international version.

As always, we welcome (and listen to) feedback. If you have ideas or questions, sooner is better than later, but late is better than never…




  • 日本語の場合は日本にあるサーバーのみ。
  • 韓国語の場合は韓国のプレイヤーのために用意した二つのサーバーのみ。
  • その他の言語(英語を含む)の場合はヨーロッパ、アメリカ、シンガポールのサーバーが見える。
  • イベントサーバーは例外で、全てのプレイヤーから見える。


  • 全てのプレイヤーが全ての起動中のサーバーを見ることができ、主な言語を変更しなくても全てのサーバーで遊ぶことができる。
  • サーバーに言語設定があり、選んだサーバーによってそれぞれの言語に変換される。英語のサーバーで遊ぶ場合、アイテムや他の人々の名前は英語設定に従う。日本語のサーバーの場合はアイテムが日本語になり、名字が先に来るなど日本語設定に従う。
  • 言語設定は「多重」にもなる。つまりそのサーバーには共通言語の設定がされておらず、全員がそれぞれの主な言語の表示でプレイする(アプリ起動時のメインスクリーンの言語と同じ)。イベントサーバーはこの設定を使用する。
  • まず英語、日本語、韓国語、多重言語のサーバーでスタート予定。もしその他の言語設定を用意してほしいという十分な数の要望があった場合は 可能な範囲で 対応を検討。例えば、中国語やスペイン語のサーバーが欲しいという要望があるかもしれない。承知いただきたいのは、どのサーバーも地球のどこか一つの場所にしか置けないこと。ヨーロッパに在住しながら日本語でプレイしたい場合は、日本にいるプレイヤーよりも遅い速度の環境でプレイすることになる、またその逆もしかり。





@Christoffer will all the servers be renewed or will the map of europe-2 still exist? is it worth it to carry on with my town on europe-2?

This particular change will not erase any map data. You are safe. :smile:





Impressions of playing with us-beginner

I felt that people who went to Donkey in JP could not play in JP, and that they were doing junk work on servers other than JP.
I am worried that people who went to Donki in JP may easily go to servers other than JP by opening the server.

The proposal is as follows.
People who are in Donki in JP can not go to servers other than JP.


Dont worry
If you enter the donkey town, where are you or where are the same

I solved it with the last answer. Thank you.



Re-design of the Curse system.呪いシステムの改善について

How Banishment and Banish Points work / 追放と追放ポイントの仕組み 6

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This feature is now ready to be released in version 2.3.0, but there were a few changes to the original ideas which we wanted to try out.

  • We will not actually change the screen language when you play on a server with a different language. You will see the same language that you have chosen in the settings.
  • A player with a different language setting than the server’s will be considered a guest on that server.
  • There will be a limitation to how many guest players there can be on a server (for example 40% guests). This is to avoid any “hostile takeovers”. The idea is that the official server language is to be used for the most part, also by the guests.

We hope this will be an improvement for all, and we’ll tweak it if needed.


Hopefully everyone dosent go to Japan servers since there are a lot of people that are Japanese

I keep getting born into families that don’t speak English. It’s really frustrating because I can’t communicate with anyone ever. I hate this.

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On which servers does this happen to you?

I’ve been using both USA and USA beginner.

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