Shade has been temporarily suspended

Shade has written many posts these last couple of days and a majority of them were breaking the forum rules, by heavily insulting the other members.
Usually, suspension would have triggered sooner, but the core of Shade’s complaints were the latest update, and we wanted to give them every chance to share their critique of the changes. Shade was given several reminders to stop insulting other forum members while delivering their complaints, but choose to ignore the warnings.

For transparency, here is the suspension message:

With this quote from your latest post: “ But those who like this update are ignorant, and those who love this update are brain dead retarded.” there was no longer any choice but to suspend you.

After the suspension time you are welcome back, with both opinions and criticism, but not with insults against other forum members.

I’d like to clarify that you who feel that the latest update has hurt you, should feel completely comfortable with expressing this. Counter to what Shade has been repeating, negative feedback is not being ignored. Your feelings matters to me and the team. That’s why the no-children servers were launched before the Mother’s Grief. To give choices of different play styles.

I got the impression from Shade that no other person’s feelings, or possibility to enjoy the game should matter, only Shade’s and others with the same opinions. That is not a sustainable path.

A new player reported to me that he tried getting born 20 times in an hour and was starved to death every single time. We need new players to enjoy the game, so we need to let them be able to play. We also need expert players to enjoy the game, so we give you choices to do so without denying new players the same pleasure.

You guys are important to me. Please let me know what I can do for you, while not sacrificing the other players.

Thanks for caring about the game, but especially for caring about each other, in game and in real life. That’s what it’s all about.

// Christoffer


In that case, I’m surprised that more than half the community haven’t been suspended yet.

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