Share my life in Ace Town (on Us-beginner2 server)

Hi guys, this is Ruby, og eve of Ace Town.
I built main part of this town and added mining work area, but my nice and kind kids helped to maintain this big town and built something nearby.
(Welcome to build a new town or your palace nearby! We can make a bigger community! HOPE COMMUNITY PROJECT on us-beginnger2 (Join Us!))

Ace Town has been open for a week. There are many interesting stories happened everyday :joy:
I post this topic for sharing my interesting moment in Ace Town
I know Ace Town will disappear one day when nobody live there, but this topic can help me to remember these sweet and beautiful moments.
:stuck_out_tongue: Introduction of Ace Town

Ace Town Map

Other Towns nearby

Video Tour(Jan 17, 2021)

  1. When I was 55, I went to kitchen to get some pie. I met my grandson and my granddaughter there. My grandson told me, “Grandma, my sis wants to marry me.”
    That girl yelled nearby “No!!! I don’t!!! He is lying!!!”. I respond “Idk…I am old…”, but I wanna laugh :joy:

  2. I met a man from another family last week. He said his town at west. He left his town when he was 8 years old. Then he stayed Ace Town and helped farm. That must be a hard trip.

  3. I met Santa last night! I asked It was Christmas today? He said everyday was Christmas! :smile: He gave me some gifts. I thought he must be hungry, so I went to kitchen to find pie for him. Unfortunately, he disappeared when I back steel workplace :sob: I am not a good host :sob: :sob: :sob:

  4. I finished that Ace Pond this morning!

It doesn’t like the design which I block some bears, but I block Mosquitoes! :joy:

Mosquito will attack bad ppl if they want to destroy the pond :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Plus, I broke seven shovels to dig ditch :weary:


Bad News
Someone removed my ACE Pond… just happened this morning :sob:
I spent 2hrs to make this pond :sob:
I left a note to ask why he did that. I can find another place to build this pond if he really doesn’t like this pond :sob:
I don’t think he is grifter cuz I never met a grifter has this patient…
cuz He took out water from pond and put dirt back…
where he found place to put these extra water??? My Cisterns are all full :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Just plz connect with me if u see this message!:pray:t2:


oh no that was quick. :frowning: i hope it was a mistake and not griefing. i hope its easy to repair. :heart:

shovels are gone that fast. for me its the most used tool because of the grave digging.

Ace Town Update on 1/24/2021
(1)adding more pen for pig and cow
(2)adding bb room
(3)planting trees
(4)adding outside kitchen
(5)rose garden (by SmolBean)
(6)puppy home

upcoming project
message place!

Map of Ace Town (on us-beginner2)

video tour

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Stories sharing:

5.This was a happy day to find flat rock

Then my horse cart Tipped like that unlucky guy

Last, we had same destiny

(I got both horses back in my next life)

  1. PieSlayer made two cars today!
    I know one of my kids made a car couple days ago, but that one disappeared.
    I will drive car to kill all snakes nearby cuz the last story!

  2. I think there is Bears Kingdom

  3. This lady used her whole life to finish this wooden floor! Good job!!
    and what can we use this space for? :joy:
    maybe put wheat…we have so much wheat…

  4. Do you know? When you open the gift, you may get a Santa! Interesting!

  5. I could not find myself~ lol :smile:

Stories sharing:
11. I killed the snakes by car(It was the lost car which was made by my child on the other day), but their bodies were still venomous. I was poisoned when I passed the snake’s body. I could still ride and eat, but I died finally. (I got this horse back now)

Aree asked me how could I get so much flat rocks. (Aree is one of the og eves in Stony Town)
Ye, this is the answer: death from snakes or wolves every day :joy:

  1. My friend PieSlayer wanna light me. What a cruel woman :wink:(just kidding)
    She made a lot of kerosene. Ye she’s a crazy lady.
    She called them oil.
    I said we should change the name of the town to Dubai Town :rofl:

  2. I was born as a bb.
    My mom hold me to bb room. I thought she would give me bb bottle.
    However, she just put me down and drank all “milk” from bb bottles!
    oh! I told her you were not a bb! :rofl:

  3. How many Tipped Horses nearby?

  4. This is my daughter Hope Ace.
    At first, she said she wanna go to 420 Town, but she couldn’t find it, so she came back and we had 9 generations!

Last night was a very sad day. :frowning:
There were 2 grifters in Ace Town.
One chopped all trees.

Another one ruined all house.
Actually the second picked up an axe to chop trees, but he found all trees have been cut down. So he decided to destroy all houses and chop SmolBean’s rose garden.

The first grifter had been sent to donkey town.
We need more votes to ban the second one. :sob:
If you get birth in AceTown and see their id, please help us to ban them! (ID290047 and ID290314)
However, my very kind and nice family helped me to ban them.
We can fix the town together.
Thank you all my lovely fam!
I love you all! :heart:

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We met many griefers recently.
I appreciate I have a good neighbor - Queen 420 and many eves who set rebirth marks in Ace Town and many nice kids. They helped to banish griefers and fix our town.

If you are interested to build a new town on us-beginner2, welcome to build it near Ace Town/420 Town. We can protect each other. Banishing griefers together! Fighting with them together!
Like what I said on this topic: HOPE COMMUNITY PROJECT on us-beginnger2 (Join Us!) - Life Stories / Life Stories - English - You are Hope

After last time we got griefers, Santa came and helped us fixing. That’s very sweet.
Santa is the hope in game to help us to fight with griefers!
(Santa helped getting SmolBean’s rose back!)

Plus, griefers have been destroying the kitchen wall.

One of them locked all doors of bb room and claimed that’s his private house.
I am sure he did NOT make that house.
There are 6 doors of bb room. He locked all of them :rofl:
So, I moved all bb bottle and gruels outside.
Now, we painted kitchen wall to yellow. Hopefully it can stop griefers.

Sorry cows, thank you for pee :joy:

There is an interesting dialog on discord.
Abe asked why yellow wall may stop griefers.


I planted trees again after last time they got chopped by griefers.
A sad and interesting thing happened.

I was standing on a growing tree, then I was blocked by it!
I died because of starvation!

My tree farm, unfortunately, griefers chopped part of them again :broken_heart:

An unknown person helped me to finish this heart floor.
Thank you so much.
I added some boxes.
There will be message plaza to put notes from fam and visitors.

MWAMA finished the monument at south. It’s very pretty. I should draw its map next time or record a video.
A person is building a big house at east, looks nice!

I killed over 30 sheep for making pie.

My son and my daughter helped me to bake pie.
One my another daughter was breeding puppy.
That’s very sweet!
Enjoying the teamwork!

This is a effective way to make lots pies:
(1)roasting raw mutton and making raw pie out side of kitchen
(2)baking pie inside
(3)put pies in boxes outside