Sheep walking right out of the pen?

I was born to a rather advanced civilization. At first there were baby lambs everywhere and a domestic mouflon running around. When I was old enough I inspected the sheep pen and didn’t notice anything wrong. I got a rope and took a lamb to the pen an fed it. After it had produced 2 more sheep and a lamb. They all walked right out of the pen. Through the corner opening past a berry bush. I watched it happen. The sheep jumped past everything to an open tile. The pen was not full there were at least 12 empty tiles inside the pen. My question is did something change with the code or is this a bug. Because I got into a 10 minuet argument with someone about killing a loose sheep. He was trying to feed and shear it outside the pen. He didn’t understand that a loose sheep will eat the carrot farm. He also was pissed because I didn’t shear it before killing it. I simply said “watch” and sheared the dead sheep. If I didn’t have the only knife I probably would have been murdered. Because trying to type fast and having to abandon a message to see what others are saying. I had accidentally said “ I will destroy farm” when I ment to say “It will destroy farm”. He immediately started trying telling others about how I would destroy the town. If it wasn’t for some quick backtracking and correcting I am sure I would have been killed and cursed.

Main issues found:

  • Sheep are acting weird.
  • we require the ability to hide the keyboard without loosing what we have already typed.
  • maybe also the ability to retype/spam messages. This is very helpful in times of bears or griefers.

Sounds like the opening had a faulty construction. Berry bushes are not blocking, so animals can indeed run past them (they can’t stop on the same tile, but can move past). You need a blocking object outside a corner opening, for example a fence corner.