Shortcut for speaking

I hope there’s a shortcut for baby. When baby hungry, we just need to click the shortcut so the baby will say “f” automatically without have to type it. As for adult, maybe shortcut for calling someone. When i want to call someone i need to type and my keyboard blocking the screen, when i finally finished typing “hei”, that person already gone.


Shortcuts would be nice.

What about something simpler. So there could be a button you can press as a baby which makes you cry, showing that you are in need of attention.

I am not sure crying key will work or not, for me, I didnt open sound when I play this game, hahahaha.

Why not when you tap the cry button, a arrow appears similar to the home market but has your babies head for that, it would be useful and can only happen every couple seconds, works good for when the mother is foraging or something and has her device muted…

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Oh yeah cool idea. Hopefully sound wouldn’t be too big an issue though because you can still see when a baby is crying.

I mean … Isn’t typing f a shortcut itself…

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Net really. Sometimes we had to type again which took about 1-2 seconds. It’s kinda took long in urgent situations.

What? 1-2 seconds for a letter? No way.
I mean I’m not trying to offend you but that’s very slow.
You only need to press on the screen 3 times.

Start chatting

Press “f”

Press “send”

Some practice and i know you’ll be able to send 10 f’s a second.
Try making a group chat on a messaging app then practice till sending f becomes a very easy task.

Not if your phone is a ■■■■■■ Not to mention server delay

baby side shortcut is nice, but mum side sound is cumbersome.
So, If the baby is crying somewhere, some other parent wants to check its direction with color.