Shorter Mode?

Maybe we could add a short version to the game, like a mode. In settings or something, you could change the mode to be short version. I would recommend the life span to be 10-30 minutes, cause ain’t nobody have an hour to spare, except for gamers, idk. I love playing OHOL on the go or on the couch chilling, but sometimes I come across a good place and I have to get out of the car to go do groceries or whatever. So, please do this. Extroverts and outsiders need this.

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When you wanna go just go I guess, doesnt have to be a full 60 minutes, sometimes I have to do stuff I just let myself starve to death or just disconnect, no pressure to have a 60 min life.

Just say “gtg” and your family sill understand.
You don’t have to feel pressurised by the play time

Having any playtime not being one hour would defeat the purpose of the name of the game right?

Or play as an eve which is 45 minutes long gameplay