Should we get rid of oven base pens?

It’s about time we want heard about Christopher’s current policies and status.

I’m not sure what you mean. Could you expand on that?


We will go ahead and let the Oven Bases turn back into Adobe after a short while. Same for unfinished adobe walls.

Instead, the supply of straight branches will increase, so it will become easier to build the real fences.


I think that’s good. How long will it take for oven bases to turn into adobe again?


Maybe make it so the Adobe can be stacked in a pile of 2 and hit with a stone to turn into an oven then a stack of 3 to turn it into a kiln?

It’d be great to get all Adobe back since it never made much sense to me that some would suddenly disappear if it was destroyed with a pick.

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@Shnappers i think its a good idea to skip the oven base. so there could be an other use for «1 adobe». like a little stove for cooking eggs and bacon.

1 adobe = stove
2 adobe = oven
3 adobe = kiln


as i see it.

people use the adobe oven base for pens because it is easy to make and needs just one simple tool: a stone.

you don’t need a steel adze to make a pen.


Thank you😍

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Actually, we decided to skip making Oven Bases instead, like @Shnappers suggested:

So the oven bases you already have made, can stay in the game, but no new ones will get made.


I think it’s a good idea, but I Love Heidis idea of rope fences. They would be more easy to make and maybe they could decay after a while. New ropes have to be used to fix a damaged rope fence and If it’s fully broken, the animals escape? :blush:


Normal fences are so not that hard to make, once you have a shovel and an adze, you can do it easy peasy

With the oven bases completely gone the shovel becomes even more important early on. I already see myself running around telling ppl nonstop not to dig graves with shovel when we got just a limited amount of iron :sweat_smile:
I hope ppl don’t start to build pens with a new creative way of blocking items. There is a need to build pens early on, but with an increased amount of straight shafts it may be possible for small camps to build real fences. We will see - I am curious what will happen. But I also think @Maengish made a good suggestion implementing rope fences. Because sometimes early generations just don’t have enough iron to spend. Shovels get broken so soon, just get rid of some stomps to make room for a pen, digging some graves and building a pen… shovel will be already gone before you can actually use it for compost. But we will see what will happen :smile: anyway I am happy not to see oven bases anymore


What about making it possible to use a stone hoe, like for gravedrigging, instead of a shovel?