Sign on the ground

Let’s make sign on the ground to tell people that there’s village near by. S90130-10295206
It simple sign like branch and sharp stone. See the image? The branch and the stone is represent a compass. The branch is the middle of the compass while the sharp stone is where you need to go. If the sharp stone in on the right of the branch, it means you have to go to the east (and so on)

Why sharp stone and branch? Well, normally this two things naturally didn’t laying in the ground. The sharp stone is naturally to be a round stone until someone takes and make a sharp stone. The branch usually in the tree until someone take it off. Or maybe a sharp stone near a skeletons.

It’s simple idea for foraging, people at lost probably can find way back, or some travelers can visit the village.


What if it was a curved shaft instead of a branch, that way it would be more obvious that a compass is there?

It should be a curved shaft instead.

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Curve shaft it is then. I’m not sure if it will be permanent. Maybe we need to build something permanent like block. But that when city is advanced already.

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What about an abobe oven base? That’s easy to make but still immovable

That’s good idea.we need more alternatives since not a lot places has adobe and stone. Your idea can be use. But we need another method so we can make many different sign in different places with limited supply.