Silk: new clothes idea part 2

Ok so the next part of the update will have silk and more uses for flowers. First silk, silk is kinda just a more rare milkweed with a 1 in 100 chance of being found in swamp biomes you can grow them by planting it then waiting for silkworms to infest it, then you interact with the plant with a bowl to get and bowl of silk worms. Then use a knife on it the get bowl of silk threads then you put two silk threads to make a silk ball (which is kinda like a thread ball with wool) then the process is exactly like wool except you can make different things like suits, dresses, and togs. Aswell as hoods, tricorns, pants and belts.
Next is flowers first if you use a knife or flint chip on a rose it will become a dethroned rose that you can stitch with other roses to make a rose crown which would be a cheap alternative hat. As well as that you can dye white flowers different colors and can mismatch roses to make different crowns. You can also just where flowers in you hair if you can’t afford a hat. You can also add them to clothing kinda like how you add turkey feathers to hats. The final thing is that I want a orange dye. Now that’s it and I hope someone comments on my post.

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