Skewer as hoe

Is it just me or it just placebo effect? Or it really true?

When I’m using skewer as a hoe, using it too fast will make it broke faster. But when we let it rest after being use for a few seconds or minutes, the skewer can be used more than 6 times.

Also, the best way to using it is in horizontal movement. While, using it at vertical movements or random movements will make it broke faster.

Wow! I never knew this!

It probably just placebo effect. how many times you can use skewer usually?

Actually thats 100% correct. Using any tool, it will last longer if you wait for the animation to finish before using it again.


I just tend to get to impatient lol like when im making huge milkweed farms or carrot farms i tend to just spam the hoe especially if its a 10 compost pile farm lol ill just make 4 hoes before i do it lol.
But thats only when the town has an abundance of iron. Usually a farm is small enough that you shouldnt rush it .

Unless ur on a begginer server… Ive seen berry farms there that a 200+ tiles and still havnt gotten sheep yet :neutral_face: