Smithing is cool and all but

I’ve noticed everyone and their grandma wants to be the blacksmith. That’s great and all but there’s a huge problem when the berry farm is being neglected and we have 10 baskets of eggs but no flat rock. Sure, steel tools are important but not if you have to walk 3 mins into the wilderness to eat because the one guy farming is having trouble getting water and no one is cooking anything. Food is more important than anything. I can live without steel hoes and axes but one guy making pies and a couple kids on hauling duty are way more valuable to the village than everyone trying to be blacksmiths. I’d like to learn more about running the forge too. Only time I ever made one I starved on an iron haul before I could get started but what I want to see even more is a successful megacity and that won’t happen when the berry field is bone dry and there isn’t an omelet in site and everyone is crowded around the forge doing nothing but getting in the way of the guy running it.


If you want to learn blacksmithing, do it in tutorial mode, although it’s a little difficult to procure goose oil because it relies on having a good spawn, I’ve always managed to make an axe, shovel, file, and bow saw so I can escape with a hand cart.

If there’s no food and you see that there’s no food, just become the food guy. Plain and simple. Not everyone can become a blacksmith, as you’ve observed.

Also, communicate.

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