Smithing is easier than you thought

I’ve always been a person who was very scared of smithing. I’ve been told many times it’s extremely hard, and maybe that’s gathering materials in an Eve town for it but smithing is an essential skill in the long run and is useful because not many people can do it. I wouldn’t recommend it for new players but experienced players should learn. Here’s a quick tutorial, feel free to add on. The tutorial assumes you are prepared to smith material wise.

  1. Light kiln and seal with adobe. When ready, take adobe and store it behind kiln then transfer charcoal to forge with bellows.

  2. Light forge (that has charcoal inside).

  3. Take tongs and fire the iron to be a hot iron bloom. Put on flat rock then use rock on it to create wrought iron (must be still hot- refire if it cools.)

  4. Make 2 more batches of charcoal. Put wrought iron + 1 charcoal in bowl then seal with plate.

  5. Fire the new crucible. When cooked, take off plate and extract the steel.

  6. Get more charcoal in the kiln then fire the steel. Put on flat rock and use rock for hammer head.

  7. Repeat but use smithing hammer instead of rock on step 6 for other iron tools. Yes, it looks long, but it’s not actually as long as you’d think. Give it a try.

Good luck smithing! I hope my tutorial helped someone. If you have a question that you want answered I will try my best to answer it.


This is helpful! Thank you!

You know what I would love to see, though…an analysis from one of you long-timers on each of the base tools…what order they appear (in hammer hits) and what they look like, for reference, but then an idea of what each is used for and which are the ones to create early. I have heard over and over that the axe is the most important, but I would say the shovel is up there too, and other things help you progress in building essential items even though they are kind of basic, like the adze (probably speeled that wrong). With limited iron, it is good to be choiceful on how it gets used, and insight from experienced experts is really valuable.

No pressure, though, haha! :yum:


I’m a pro heres a tip if u want to know wut there r when u hit them just tap on them and if it’s not what u want hit it again and tap on it intill u get there

Haha, yeah, the trial-and-error method is always a winner. That’s what I do, naturally, and it is good to know that even though the rotation ends with the pick-axe, you can just re-forge that in a crucible and start over.

But my real interest is which ones you feel are most valuable? Say you only had four pieces of iron total, that’s it, what would you make? Obviously a smithing hammer first, of course, so now you have three. What would be next? Why? I really am curious to hear from the experts.

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Honestly, I do first make an axe and in some cases a shovel (dependent on family size). Axes are important for fires and many other things. I believe that an axe head is first after using smithing hammer but I’ll get back to you on the order! You should make a pickaxe IF you are not close to iron and it’s dangerous to send people out because they have a likely chance of death while they’re fetching iron. It’s good to have a pickaxe for iron so you can access more stuff. Again, I can’t play much this week so I’ll try to provide you with more answers when I have the time! :slight_smile: have a great day!


With the remaining 3 iron, I make an axe, adze, and shovel (sometimes froe is interchangeable) These are super important for many things so they’re good starters. The adze and shovel is good for making pens for animals- they give amazing food (if you can kill them- I am learning to make knives) and clothing. You can also make transportation if you have froe instead of shovel. Then you can take 4 baskets and fill them all up and take back 12 iron in one trip. I NEVER make iron hoes, they are very useless. They are wastes of iron that can be used on other tools like extra shovels (they break so fast). Use stone hoes. That’s it, it honestly depends what I’m working on but that’s what I use for upcoming town first time smithing in that family. At the town I’m a regular at I normally smith for shovels, froes, and the occasional chisel. So many axes lying around everywhere. That’s it, hope this is helpful, I’m terrible at explaining things.


This is all great, don’t apologize! Especially the note on hoes—I was wondering myself if it was worth it to make one since a stone hoe is so simple.

Yes, the axe is first, and the shovel is second to last…that is all I can remember.

How does the pickaxe help you get iron? You mean from mines? Or is there something else I am missing?

I am looking forward to acquiring some livestock! Today I spent two lives trying to get a sheep…managed to kill a mom with baby once, but did not realize that you have to feed the lamb right away when you get it home to the pen, so the poor thing died while I was frantically watering carrots. Oops. And then after that I could not get close enough to the mom while she had a lamb to kill her…as soon as I got next to her, the baby would disappear and I’d have to follow her around again! So frustrating! Haha—always an adventure!

Axe shovel than file

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Yeah if there’s nearby iron veins but no iron on the surface a pickaxe can be a nice investment to mine for more. I have never gone mining before just collected iron and made pickaxes for people who ask so I’m not very knowledgeable on the subject.


U need adze befor that to make mineing fence

Thanks for telling me! I’m new to mining and I’ll be working on it soon! Thanks for the advice! :blush:


Axe for big fire is a must otherwise you run out of branches.
I generally go for 2 iron only at start unless it’s easy to get or I got pack, which is usually on the dumbest baby girl all the time.

Even if I get 4 I prioritize the first steel or two with first fires. Once you got the hammerhead, and a prepared short shaft you got enough time to cover uncover and make an axe.

Then file, adze, froe, chisel,blade for saw, pick.
That’s 8 iron.

Chisel can be recycled but still 8 iron most optimal, if you know a vein, 7 enough to mine.

Shovel is important but not for a mine. If you got no soil, you got to dig the soil pits or go further or compost. But you can survive with scavenging, and you can make bucket, that can be used to make rice or milk cows.

People waste shovels on graves and then you get to mining later. Same with steel hoe, it’s just luxury that early.

Making a pen needs shovel and adze, or froe. Technically you can use trees as a wall and some Adobe. So in that case you can make a knife instead of something, make saddle, then go for iron on a horse. That way hammer, axe, file, chisel, adze, froe, blade for knife and saw and shovel. You need a fence to tame a horse but cart isn’t a necessity if you got a pack. So bare minimum 6 iron with recycled chisel.skipping froe and saw.

Then ofc you need saw, pick, froe. Before recycling shovel is good to make 2 torch base and 4 stone blocks for newcommen. Always recycle chisel when cracking, gives full value steel, otherwise you need to break two or a shears. Not sure if it’s fixed in yah, in Ohol shears gave half since small tool, and uses two steel so worst return. You can break axe shovel for one more steel.

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This is all terrific info! Thanks!

I was actually thinking about making video tutorials to each thing to help new players learn there isn’t a lot out there plus it will help bring more people in

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Red, that would be brilliant.

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You wanna do it with me? You probably know more than I do

Haha, I know very little about advanced stuff! Or making videos!

Well I have a private server if you ever want to join.

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Thank you!! I may take you up on that some time! :slight_smile: