So, we can curse by observation now

Get curse by observer just now. Welp. I get too much curse today. One from my boy because i fed him until he’s 3 (i don’t deserve this). Another one is I’m being eve and i don’t want to be eve (lost too many eve spawned so i don’t want to be eve) and planning to starved my self by feeding my kids over and over. Get curae by them (i deserve this). But really, i just happen to be victims from my last mom. I just copying from her. Hmm


Welp… that sucks…

Yah i got a random cursed the other day when i was playing on the begginer server. Theres only two things that they would have cursed me for. One because i dug up an uneccesay block on the sheep pen. Was in the wrong place letting all the sheep out. So i fixed the pen and then dug the extra block up. Some noob probably saw it and thought i was griefing.

The only other reason i can think of would have been because i left the town with a lot of equipment on and i guess it looked like i was going to hide the stuff? Idk i was out there looking for iron mines or a jungel. And got cursed while i was out there killing snakes.

Lil beginer village had everything they needed but not a single jungel in 5 biom distance so i bet they never got actually start newcomman stuff lol.