Soap and washing to prevent decay of clothes

So there is Soda Ashes (Na2CO3) in game. With adding Limestone similar to Slaked Lime (Ca(OH)2) and heat the mixture hot enough in a kiln you can get rid of some CO2. You could end up with something like Natriumhydroxid (NaOH).

I know it is similar to glass making. But bare with me. I want Natriumhydroxid.

If you add Water to Natriumhydroxid you have half of the soap making process. Add some oil, let it set and you have a soap bar.

So i thought maybe instead of letting clothes decay they could be washed to reset the timer on the decay.

And with something like a washboard we could clean the clothes:

i saw a similar looking board in game already called krautboard.


i guess its the soda lime mixture what we need but without sand. so heat the soda lime mixture in a kiln and add water and oil. boom bar of soap.

Sounds great , maybe we need a new machine to realize it at the same time .

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I really hope this gets in the game

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Cool idea. One bar should last quite a few washes too!

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i guess one soap should wash one set of clothing, like 5 pieces. or maybe 2 sets of clothing = 10 pieces.

a set would be: hat, top, bottom and 2 shoes.