Social Planning

Ever, after having spent your entire life out in the cold, dreamed of owning your own house? Of course in even the most advanced cities this has remained just a dream. But what if there was another way? I know I have started a lot of posts like this, but bear with me, this could prove interesting. Now for my signature double dash segment mark.

Whenever a settlement starts making buildings it usually begins by building housing for the major trades like a bakery and forge so that at least those working there, who don’t get out much, can use up a little less food. Another thing people sometimes build is a nursery. Now what if, instead of making individual houses, we built one big “common building” which would also act as a nursery. This would need to be near the bakery for easy food access. The actual size of the building should allow for at least 16 interior tiles. Most towns keep at least one fire alight at all times for fire brands, so put that in the common building. Also create a “mess hall” by filling up a box or two inside this town hall like structure with baskets of pies which people can pick up and take back to their respective trade stations. In addition you’d also keep some other generally useful things inside this area like boxes of clothes, locked weapon chests, medic equipment and other assorted paraphernalia that comes with any significant town. However perhaps the most important part of this building is that it would effectively serve the purpose of a house for everyone. It would be a social area, where the old can live out their last days surrounded by their friends. The prescense of the nursery also means that the elderly can teach the younger generations any skills they need and pass on information about the town. If your town has any form of government then the common building will serve as something like a city centre where the authorities can meet with the public and vice versa, helping give you that extra degree of organisation that any town needs to be truely successful. I’d advise making the common building out of plastered adobe so that you can easily remove sections of the wall and expand the building or add on extra sections. You may even try and combine all of a town’s buildings into one connected hub so people need not even step outside. Whatever you try, using this town hall style method of creating a home for everyone may be the most economical and enjoyable method available to us realistically. After all, who really wants to waste a few years sitting by the fire alone in some barren household when you could waste valuable time surrounded by friends and family.

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I’ve almost never seen any buildings in the mobile version.

Yeah me neither, it’s usually in the pc.