Socket Error 10051 and 11001

Hello I am Mickael from the Plus channel and I would like to check with the support about a problem that a subscriber of mine is having. He told me that his game is giving a socket error 10051, could someone please help me?


i hope this answer from the game creator might help:

This is also currently happening to me i have been trying to reach out on Google play services but no response was made whenever I play the game it will say socket error 11001and this has been happening for 2 months now. I’m only here because I thought I was the only one having this issue but it turns out I’m wrong hopefully this bug gets fixed

I tried this one but it didn’t work so I turned on the older router and used the Internet provider still didn’t work then I used the new router my auntie bought still didn’t work and the operating system doesn’t have any change nor my country

Can anyone pls tell me what 11001 means?

I have never heard of anyone getting socket error 11001 in our game before, so you are probably very alone with that problem, I’m afraid. It seems it can have to do with firewalls or router settings. The most informative result I get from googling “socket error 11001” is this article:

Particularly this section:
" The problem can also occur as a result of the router or modemskewing or changing the domain name system (DNS) and host connection and leading to the socket error 11001. If this is occurring, the user should call the Internet provider and get the provider’s assistance with changing the router or modem settings. If an advanced operator is using the computer, he or she may be able to do this without the provider."

Since the game worked well for you in the past, please think back on what might have changed in your environment, like internet service provider, new equipment, etc.


Omg this is very scary I’ll do anything to possible to find out what changed tysm for the help I’ll look forward into the Internet providers more

Good luck!

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