Socket error 10051

I cant play this game since its update 3 days ago. Please help me


Having a similar issue.

Socket errors have to do with the network connections. The numbers are an international convention and each number means something slightly different. The reason we report them as they are instead of saying something like “Network problem” is to increase the possibility of determining the cause.

Socket error 10051 means "network unreachable. This usually means the local software knows no route to reach the remote host. " Here is a bit more information about it:

To summarise: your phone can’t connect to the server. Reasons may be:

  • the operating system or networking on the phone
  • the wifi router
  • the internet provider
  • a disrupted connection between countries or other sub-nets of the internet
  • error on the server side

The top three are the most probable. Try restarting your phone and wifi router. Also try what happens if you switch between wifi and cellular networks.

Does this happen with all servers we provide, or only with some of them? If it’s all, then the problem is not on that side (since they do work for other people).

I hope this helps, but let me know if it doesn’t.

It seems like i can pkay it on mobile data but i got this error when i turned on wifi. Thank you for your respond.

Try airplane mode too.

You mean turning airplane mode on but manually turning the wifi back on the phone right? I used to have to do that years ago because my wifi would loose conection for half a second and my phone would try to switch to 3g/4g repeatedly and crash whatever game iwas playing.

But i dont think that was their issue it seems like their wifi had problems routing to the servers.