Socket error code 10065 help me

I play on tablet and now get message socket error 10065 .I uninstalled game but still get message when trying to join lobbys

I couldn’t connect to the server all day, maybe because of the event. That shouldn’t happen if you pay for your private server per day. I hope it will be fine tomorrow :frowning:

I also uninstalled and so on…and couldn’t connect to any server.

Are you getting same error code?

Maybe @Christoffer knows how to get it working again.

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No, mine says in German:
Cannot connect to the server.
This can happen when network communication is disrupted or our server is undergoing maintenance.
Please try again later.

But I had an error code once, it helped to install the system update of my phone, then the game could be started again.

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Mkay, I now found out that this error code happens when I use my wlan after turning off my mobile data…with mobile data I can connect to the server normally. Has to do something with that O.O unfortunately.


thanks @CyanClymene for helping :+1: it seems to be a network / wifi problem as you said. i guess trying some different settings on your wifi might help @AprilWine411

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