Solo? Bluetooth?

I suddenly had this what i think to be a amazing idea. I recently saw a post here about how for mobile its not easy to find a free hour where u can just sit down and play and if u did have a free hour you woukd just go on your pc but mobile does have an advantage its well mobile meaning you can play anywhere but only if you internet connection. So i was thinking add a solo mode that doesint require a internet connection and obviosly you would be able to pause/save and exit (when you die if you have created a bed/spwan point you will respawn there some things will need to be balanced out to get the game balanced) Also I think a bluetooth mode would be a good addition (such as for long car trips or where there is no internet connection but ur with friends) the bluetooth mode would pretty much be the same as solo (you would be able to pause/save and exit) but you can play with ur friends via bluetooth (obviosly)
Thanks for reading!

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I used to do this on my private server in the pre apocalypse days. Had it set to spawn everyone at 0,0. Lived hundreds of lives there as well as other people who played. With the server being on my local network, internet was not required to play. I suggest the ability to access private servers. Might not be the most wise thing to do right away as we would loose testers, but maybe implemented post-release might work.

This would require adapting the server to run on the phone as well, which would be quite an undertaking. At the moment the client is the only part being adapted to mobile.

UncleGus is completely correct. So it will probably not happen very quickly.