Solo event to smith

Can we have solo event when we can smith all type of things like axe till pixel. Or a solo event to build newton engine . Or a solo event to build radio devices . I think it will be a good way to learn and improve our skills. It is kinda hard to remember the formula of building newton engine and radio device. I think solo event will help a lot.


That’d be fantastic!

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I also think its a good idea.

Maybe we could have an event based on making newcoman stuff to.

Then adventually have an event to build a car… With steel already made lol. Would probably take to long to even make the car in one life if we had to convert to 20+ iron pieces to steel for it before even getting started on making the car.

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I agree with you. With steel already made ,forge, oven and rubber near by, stone already cut , water and woods nearby , it helps us train. Otherwise, it will be a burden and many of us would not make it as we are busy doing mundane job(cut rubber trees for a least 3 times , collect water , wood ) just to build the engine . The aim is to train us and teach us and give us a chance especially for beginners a taste of building their engine .

This is the main idea of the weakly challenge, to train people in new skills. So far we only had the food ones, because there are alot of newbies that they don’t know how to even eat. As the time progress, we will have a smithing challenge. Give time to time. We also need other ones, like how to domesticated and breed animals, how to hunt, etc, etc.
Yes, we the veterans wnat to learn the new stuff, but the new player need to learn the basics â– â– â–  well. Trust me. Im diying to learn 100% how to make the machines to produce an engine.


You are right . I want a hunting game too. Like a challenge to hunt infinite bear and record the kill before dying , or like how many snake killed . We should even have a challenge to make all clothes . Or a challenge to heal people from snake bites, arrow and normal damage. I am excited haha… sadly , I guess we have to wait . I really want beginners to become pro as it benefits everyone.

One thing that limits the learning process is the limitations in talking. By the time that a frmale have babys, she still can say mothe than 10 characters…

We have to spend more time teaching the new players so in the future we have les problems… Back in the days on PC, your mom used to give you a tour around the camp, and leave you by the fire with the nurseries moms. Usually there is where you have a job assigned and where you learned the beginning stuff. As well, new players will be assigned to the farm so they learn how to keep the farm running. After several lives mastering the farming skills. You could muve on and go to a different station and ask another player how to do what are they doing. Also satand aside of their working satation and pay close attention of their muvements and combination.

I know that almost everyone want to wiki how to do stuff, but that kills that part of the game that makes it a little more enjoyable…


I think when she can first have babys at 14 she can only say 14 characters. Which is enough but hard to teach with.

I was editing wile your response. This response is for you to see the update…

Hmm… for engine , do you think it is possible to do it without wiki? Or maybe radio ? I think these two things are very hard without wiki .

Yah you would need the wiki. Or they could have the parts lined up out side the wall and already have the parts for the pully systems ready so that players can just mess around with it figuring out how to make the parts for the car. But yah it would be extreamly confusing :joy: without one tech or a wiki because it takes a minimum of 16 steel i think to make the car. Not counting the materials for the pully system.

Hmmm… let me tell you my experience about wiki. I guess my first time using wiki is when I start smithing. I learn smithing by watching and smithing slowly . By smithing slowly , I can somehow smith the tool I want . And then I try to search for ways to see the step closely . This is when I found the wiki. It is very helpful. Without wiki I wouldn’t have build a newton engine myself. There are still many people who can’t smith or do the simplest thing . I think that the recipe book need to be improved . Usually, I can only see recipe after something is build so that is not really helpful at all.

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Yah i think the recipe book should at least show one more step fowar or back from the item you are checking. Just having the abillity to see what this item is made of is useless when you cant see what the items it is made of are made of.

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I get it. I have use wiki before, and I will continue using it. Doing an engine is something really complicated. I dont even how to make an oil well jet… You know what… I learned allot of thing without the wiki, but there are allot more that I learned true it… We can see how we get together and learn how to do more things…